About me

I had an interesting childhood living part of my early life in Japan and returning later to Britain.  This has given me an openness to innovative approaches and cultures.

In deciding how I would pursue a career I knew I wanted to be involved in well-being and healthcare but was conflicted about how I could best serve clients.

The big ‘aha’ moment for me was when I had osteopathy myself for a rib injury and realised that this approach had so much to offer.  I had found my passion and over the next 4 years I attended the European School of Osteopathy leading to my Integrated Masters.

I began working with clients and my broad training programme has enabled me to work with clients on the wide range of issues they were experiencing.  From the beginning, my focus was on developing a way of working that puts the client at the centre of the process and ensures I develop a holistic approach which is moulded to their needs.

As I worked with more and more clients I realised that I wanted to continue my study in order to expand my knowledge and techniques through which I could support them.  I recently counted up how many hours I have spent ensuring that I keep my knowledge current and extend my expertise in areas in which I want to specialise and was astounded to find it was over 400 hours (so far).

To this end, I have completed a 2 year post-graduate diploma in women’s health and am especially interested in how osteopathy can be part of the care offered to women before, during and after pregnancy.   As a new mum myself I have been able to experience the changes to the body and how osteopathy can support me through the adjustments and challenges.

My focus moving forward will be to encourage new mothers to care for themselves and how they can be supported as their body has to establish a new balance and cope with the physical demands of their little ones.

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